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Becoming a parent is not easy!

Parenthood comes with many questions and doubts. We often feel overwhelmed and stressed making sure that we are doing everything right that we forget to take the time to really enjoy our baby. When doubts come we find ourselves asking everyone around us their opinions and if no one is around to answer our questions we turn to google which opens up a whole new set of anxieties.

Choosing the right information source is vital , one that is scientific based.

This is an open session where you can use my expertise to ask any questions about what is troubling you. I am passionate in listening and honouring your instincts as parents and will always propose something which is in line with your values.

1 hour // $150 per session

célia ponzo

 I support couples to fully enjoy parenthood from pregnancy🤰to first year with baby 👶🏻🤱 empowering them with scientific knowledge, emotional guidance and deep relaxation techniques.

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