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Hypnobirthing course

The Hypnobirthing technique is a holisitic birth preparation approach combining education, breath, affirmations, visualizations & fear release techniques. These techniques will allow you to dive deep in your subconscious and tap into your innate birthing power.

This course teaches you to re discover your instincts and to bring your baby into the world with joy, comfort, peace which will leave you satisfied of your birth experience.

After this course your body will be ready for birth , your mind will be ready for birth , you will have different relaxation and comfort techniques to make your birth as comfortable as possible.

The course provides you with all the childbirth classes that you need to prepare for birth leaving you feeling confident and empowered. The classes are evidence based allowing you to use these materials to allow to make informed decision during your pregnancy, labour and birth.

When should I start?

The earlier you start in your pregnancy to train your mind and body to relax on a a very deep level the earlier your body will send signals to your body to start releasing all the natural hormones that will support you during birth to make it a comfortable experience.

Hypnobirthing can be personalised to cater for first time parents, those which are pregnant for the second time and feel they want to have a different experience, those which have had traumatic first births and want to re establish their trust in their bodies as well as those which are scheduled for a cesaeran section and want to prepare their mind and body for the birth.

This is a complete birth preparation course.

Course length: 10 hour course divided into sessions of 2 hours each. (Happy to personalise it according to your schedule!)

EURO 800 – 10 hours

Free 20 mins discovery call to know more

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