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Let’s talk about your fears!

Being pregnant and become and new parent can bring up so many new fears! Why is it important to clear our path of these thoughts before we give birth?

Fear is the first path to creating stress hormones in our bodies that will interfere with all other hormones that are designed to make our birth comfortable and enjoyable! Fear also makes you breathe in a shallow manner not maximising the oxygen to your uterus muscle during labour creating pain and discomfort. Fear creates a vicious cycle in our body that can make us freeze during labour and often be the cause of many medical interventions.

Tackling your fears during pregnancy is a great way to allow your mind to be cleared before giving birth meaning that your body will release the necessary hormones that can assist you positively while you give birth!

We will be using different techniques including positive affirmations, visualizations and self hypnosis techniques to work on your fears.

1 hour // $150.00

célia ponzo

 I support couples to fully enjoy parenthood from pregnancy🤰to first year with baby 👶🏻🤱 empowering them with scientific knowledge, emotional guidance and deep relaxation techniques.

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