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Breastfeeding, what a beautiful bonding moment with our baby but what an emotional roller coaster ride it can be.

As a lactation specialist I am passionate about making you feel as comfortable as possible while you breastfeed. Comfortable means physically comfortable as well as mentally comfortable. If we are feeling stressed and uncomfortable then it will directly impact our breastfeeding journey often making it a very painful experience.

Many mothers have big hopes for breastfeeding but once they are faced with the challenges they often give up because they do not ask for support or sometimes the support is not there.

With the right position, latching techniques, and mindset breastfeeding can be a beautiful moment to bond with your baby.

I am here to support you through this session with any concerns that you may have regarding pain you may be feeling during breastfeeding, answering your questions whether baby is getting enough milk or just listening to any emotions that you may be going through, ‘m here for you!

1 hour // $150 per session

célia ponzo

 I support couples to fully enjoy parenthood from pregnancy🤰to first year with baby 👶🏻🤱 empowering them with scientific knowledge, emotional guidance and deep relaxation techniques.

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