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Knowledge is power!

I want you to be the protagonist of your birth not the spectator…

This means really understanding what is happening to your body and mind during labour and birth. We are the greatest masters of our body and mind and if we know what is happening we will be able to assist it in the best possible way.

I will guide your through what to expect during the different stages of labour leaving you feeling confident and empowered.

When you become the expert of your own birth , you have the knowledge and power to ask questions to your health care provider when something comes up and you can allow them to support you if any medical interventions needs to take place always keeping you and your partner in the center of your birth decisions.

1.5 hours // $150 per session

célia ponzo

 I support couples to fully enjoy parenthood from pregnancy🤰to first year with baby 👶🏻🤱 empowering them with scientific knowledge, emotional guidance and deep relaxation techniques.

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