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Is your baby a good sleeper? One of the first questions you will ask yourself amongst other parents….So much pressure!

We are often told that we will have little sleep as new parents…It is so hard to really understand how tired we will be until we experience it! We often desperately seek support once we become sleep deprived and try and do everything to make our baby sleep that extra hour. We may have expectations that our baby should sleep through the night by this time and often feel as if we are not doing our jobs properly as parents if our babies do not sleep or nap.

Unfortunately we have been bombarded with this idea that a baby should sleep a number of hours, this amount of times per day and self soothe by tot amount of months. These expectations are often not scientifically based on the real biological sleep needs of babies and their normal patterns and therefore a recipe for disaster in trying to get your baby to sleep !

I am passionate to prepare you before baby arrives to really understand what is normal infant biology sleep. You will learn about the biological sleep cycles , gentle infant soothing techniques and being able to pick up on red flags on when your baby’s sleep could be affected by an underlying medical conditions.

Why learn about infant sleep while you are expecting?

First of all you have more time , once baby arrives it gets busy! You have more mental space to take in the information, often we get tired in early parenthood and the last thing on our minds is to sit down with pen and paper and learn about infant sleep, we want a quick solution! lastly it will help you meet parenthood and baby sleep challenges with more ease, confidence and you will have a real expectation on what is normal for your baby’s sleep.

1hour// $150

célia ponzo

 I support couples to fully enjoy parenthood from pregnancy🤰to first year with baby 👶🏻🤱 empowering them with scientific knowledge, emotional guidance and deep relaxation techniques.

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